Rest assured, we keep you safe

Our Brook Rest Assured Program goes above and beyond to protect you
Disinfected Furniture
We disinfect our furniture at time of delivery
Contactless delivery
We deliver and set up while maintaining strict social distancing
Mandatory PPE
We mandate masks, gloves, and booties on all deliveries
Clean Trucks
We disinfect all delivery trucks at least twice per day
What is the Brook Rest Assured Program?
It's a program to give you and your clients confidence. We go above and beyond to make sure we protect those most important to us.

Our four assurances are:
  1. Disinfected furniture
  2. Contactless delivery
  3. Mandatory, company supplied PPE
  4. Clean trucks

We leave a door hanger summarizing the steps of the program - it is the first thing an incoming customer sees.
What is Contactless delivery?
We are able to deliver and set up prior to your arrival.

If this is not possible, we maintain strict social distancing during all deliveries and while we are setting up furnishings.
Do you disinfect your furniture?
We disinfect all furniture at time of delivery and once again after we pick up the furniture.
How will I know your delivery teams are safe?
We require team members to stay home if they do not feel well for any reason.

Our delivery teams are provided with PPE of masks, gloves, and booties.

To protect you and our teams during deliveries, our delivery trucks are disinfected at a minimum of twice per day.
What is your disinfecting process when delivering furniture?
We disinfect any high touch areas such as door handles and light switches. We disinfect all furniture after it is set up, and after any pickup.
How do you keep your facility disinfected?
Our high touch and common working areas are cleaned at least 3 times per day with disinfectant. This includes:

All doors, knobs and door jams, overhead doors/handles.
All surfaces such as lunch tables, lunch chairs, counters, worktables.
All office furniture/equipment such as desks, desk chairs, mouse, and keyboards.
All electronics/appliances used by team members such as microwaves, coffee pots, TVs, radios, and refrigerators.
All furniture handling equipment such as hand trucks, dollies, extractors, forklifts, and order pickers.
All shared tools.